As part of our duties under the Equality Act 2012 and the Public Sector Equality Duty 2011 we are required to publish and make accessible information in relation to ethnicity, gender and proficiency in English.

The following chart outlines where this information can be found:

Information Source Location
School population composition

School website – taken from RaiseOnline report published by Ofsted

Ethnic Groups and English as a first language.pdf

Main SEN Type Trend.pdf



Differences by outcome of groups in the school (by gender, ethnicity and proficiency in English) Info pending
Equality objectives (relating to differences by outcome) School Development Plan (copy on request from school office)
Equality Policies EO and Race Policy.pdf

If you require any further information on our Equality Policy please contact the Academy via email contactus@millbrookacademy.org

EAL Students

We welcome our new arrivals and EAL (English as an Additional Language) students through an initial meeting with an interpreter where possible.  On arrival they are assigned a student Buddy to befriend them.  During the first days in school we assess their needs and then set up a support programme.  This could be withdrawal lessons for extra English, in-class support or additional study lessons.  We provide bi-lingual dictionaries for every student.  We enter them where appropriate/available for first language GCSEs  and ESOL qualifications.