Cross Country Event

posted 6 Nov 2014, 01:02 by
The weather wasn't set to be brilliant, but a small team of Millbrook students were ready to and compete at the city Cross Country event. The year 7 boys headed out first, and had been advised to stick together as long as they could. As they approached 3/4 of the race, Ben Davies, Jack Faires and Alfie Martell pushed to remain with the top runners. Although very tired when they finished they did not disappoint , and neither did the rest if the boys; Euan Gray, George Lewis and Ross Thompson. Overall the boys finished a respectable 5th overall.

Lacy-Jay Liggett represented the year 7 girls. Although a little nervous to be out there on her own, Lacy finished 18th and that bought her home in 8th overall, ahead of the team from Seven Vale.

The boys ran hard in the junior section. Alfie Williams set an early pace, whilst Antony Andrews and Andrew Taylor stayed close to each until the final stretch. Alfie finished 11th, qualifying for a county trial. Antony came in 25th, Andrew 35th and Harvey George-Berry 70th. The boys finished 8th overall ahead of Kings.

Morgan Danter and Amelia Griffiths represented the junior girls, and although they found it tough going finished 48th and 49th.

They should all be very proud of themselves and were a pleasure to take to the event.