Year 8 Rounder's match

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Year 8 Rounder’s match versus Barnwood (4.6.15)

The year 8 girls played against Barnwood school on a rounder’s match this Thursday. They all played extremely well and because of that they won 16 and a half to 11, some people really helped the team and I would like to mention them. The whole team did fantastically at fielding but Mia who managed to catch 2 people out did a really good job. I would also like to mention Isabelle who consistently did very well at bowling and very rarely got “no balls”, a few other people really stood out too. Anna and Nadya for doing great passes to one another and getting lots of people out on first base and finally Anna Mia and Rebekah for their batting they managed to carry on batting after other players got out and managed to create an edge over the opposite team. Rachel Hamlin also hit the ball amazingly and got voted player of the match by the opposite team. All in all everybody did fantastically and that’s how they managed to beat Barnwood WELL DONE!!

Match report by Scarlett Atherton