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Primary Liaison

Millbrook Academy recognises the importance of close liaison with primary schools. We receive pupils from many primary schools and are working hard to develop relationships with our feeder primaries and the students that attend them to aid the transition from primary to secondary.

Some examples of the clubs that are currently running or that have recently taken place are:

Castle Hill - Year 6 pupils - Business and entrepreneurial skills.
Castle Hill - Year 6 pupils - French.
Elmbridge Primary - Year 5 pupils - Cooking.

Primary Talent Day - October 2015

Millbrook were proud to invite the primary talent to attend an  identification day on Monday October. Students from Upton-St-Leonard's, Hillview, Elmbridge and Tredworth were put through the their paces in some fitness tests, supported by Millbrook Academy's Centre of Excellence and Cirencester College Level 3 students.

Throughout the day the students encountered leadership, football, netball and trampolining, being tested to see where their skills lie in relation to our assessment processes at Millbrook. A fantastic basketball session also had the students performing very actively in the afternoon.

Personal feedback has been given to all students invited, explaining to them which pathway we might place them on if they were a student at Millbrook. Extra documentation on the Centre of Excellence programme or Gifted and Talented programmes were also made available to students, parents and carers.

We look forward to delivering a new programme in 2016 and to seeing some new faces in September.