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Phonics Schemes

Millbrook Academy currently offer two phonics programmes for KS3 students. These are offered as interventions in English lessons and are taken in small groups.

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Phonics

Read Write Inc Phonics is a complete literacy programme designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.
The programme uses rigorous assessment so every child is taught at the correct level. It engages older children with age appropriate comic strips, quizzes, amusing stories and edgy non-fiction texts.
Pupils find the programme fun, stimulating and rewarding.

Talisman Adventure Phonics

This series aims to plug gaps in older students’ understanding of phonics. It is a fairly unusual high interest / low reading level series in that it teaches word constructions based on the phonics system. Each book focuses on a few phonic sounds and introduces vocabulary accordingly. Some words are given in a broken-up format at the bottom of each page as an aid for the reader. This format helps to support struggling readers as they acquire new vocabulary – some of the words introduced this way are relatively complicated compared to the overall Book Levels.