Behaviour and Discipline

Discipline with Dignity

  • We show respect to each other and the environment.
  • We have expectations of good behaviour.
  • There will be a consequence if we do not keep to expectations.
  • We are all treated fairly – which may not be equally.

We look after ourselves:

  • Arrive on time and leave the room promptly at the end of the lesson and only with the teacher’s permission.
  • Wear the correct uniform tidily.
  • Bring the right equipment to lessons and exams.
  • Lessons are about learning.  The use of mobile phones, MP3 players, computer games and inappropriate websites are not permitted.


We look after our environment:

  • Remember, no eating, chewing gum or drinking in class – except for a small bottle of water.
  • Respect the Academy’s and other people’s property and put all litter in a bin.
  • No chewing gum anywhere in the Academy.
  • Put litter in the bin.

We look after each other:

  • Behave sensibly, safely and in a non-aggressive way at all times.  We keep our hands, feet, objects and “put-downs” to ourselves.
  • We use appropriate language and tone of voice to everyone.
  • We follow instructions.
  • We listen attentively and respond positively when someone is speaking to us.

Click here to download our Behaviour Policy - BFL Policy


At Millbrook Academy we also like to reward our students when they deserve recognition. Our ePraise reward system is designed to motivate students by rewarding the great things they do. Points are awarded to students during tutor/lessons and around the Academy. 

Students can exchange their points for prizes in the ‘shop’.

Students who save their points on a termly basis will receive a bonus.

Additional points are allocated for attendance based on 100% attendance, on an improvement in their attendance due to the STEP program.

Points are deducted for red cards, uniform/equipment strikes and punctuality.

Each student has their own log in for the ePraise system. They are able to identify what the points have been given for, which subjects and look at their total amount.