Collective Worship Statement

Collective worship policy

The aim of the collective workshop policy is to provide the opportunity for pupils to:

  • Worship God
  • Reflects on values that are of a broadly Christian nature and on their beliefs
  • Develop a community spirit, a common ethos and shared values
  • Consider spiritual and moral issues
  • Respond to the workshop

Statutory Duty of School

Millbrook Academy provides daily collective worship for registered pupils (apart from those who have been withdrawn by their parents – see below). This is usually provided within a daily assembly or tutor time.


Collective worship, whether in assembly or tutor time, will:

  • Be acceptable to the whole community, staff and pupils
  • Include a variety of elements at different times
  • Involve the pupils

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

The school will review this policy annually and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and throughout out the school.

The right of parents to with draw their child

Parents have a right to with draw their children from Religious Education (RE) and collective worship. If a parent asks for their child to be wholly or partly excused from attending any RE or collective worship, unless the child is lawfully receiving RE, or taking part in collective worship elsewhere