SEND at Millbrook Academy

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our children are at the heart of the process in working to ensure the best possible outcomes for their future.  We actively work with our students, seeking their voice as a basis for identifying their chosen outcomes.

We strive to deliver high quality education for all students preparing our young people for adult life.  Our aim therefore is to promote independence through the delivery of our curriculum and nature of support offered.  At times we identify students who require additional, targeted small group interventions delivered by our support staff.  At all times we make our best endeavours to meet the needs of all children.  However, there may be instances in which we feel that we are unable to meet the need of an individual child, particularly if in offering them a place we would compromise the educational provision for other children in our care.

At Millbrook Academy we;

  • Ensure that students learn and interact in a caring, happy, safe and secure environment.
  • Make every effort to ensure equality of educational access and opportunity.
  • Provide maximum opportunity to develop and reach individual potential academically, socially and personally.
  • Encourage every student to develop their skills of communication.
  • Challenge students to become as independent as possible.
  • Listen to, and involve students, family/carers and other professionals in decision making.
  • Understand the importance of friendships and encourage respectful, trusting relationships throughout the Academy.
  • Facilitate the inclusion of all students, including those with Special Educational Need and/or Disability in the school curriculum, sports and activities such as visits and residential trips.
  • Empower students to be an individual.

Our fundamental focus is on quality first teaching and learning in the classroom. However, we recognise that at some point some students also require additional support and intervention.

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Special Educational Needs & Disability - A guide for parents and carers

Millbrook Academy SEND Information Report

How does our school know/identify that children have special educational needs (SEN)?

How will our school include parents and students in planning support?

How will our school teach and support children with SEN? 

Who will be working with your child? 

How does our school ensure that the information about a child’s SEN or EHC plan is shared and understood by teachers and all relevant staff who come into contact with that child?

What role will the child’s tutor play?

What expertise does our school and our staff have in relation to SEN? 

How does our school provide support to improve the emotional and social developments of our SEN pupils/students? 

What access do our SEN pupils/students have to facilities and extra-curricular activities available to all children?

Personalised Provision

To ensure effective, targeted provision to support all students, we base our work upon the four premises of:

  • Identification: to ensure that any individual student educational needs are accurate we use a series of robust assessments looking at the whole child.
  • Intervention: we are vigilant in our analysis of student progress data to ensure. Students are identified swiftly for timed and targeted interventions.
  • Impact: we ensure that any intervention or support are effective by measuring student progress against their starting points, such as reading ages, academic progress or attitudes towards learning.


Social and Emotional Intervention Pyramid

The Academy is committed to a fair and equal treatment of all individuals regardless of disablement.  The Academy will welcome applications from people with disabilities to join the Academy community as students, staff and Academy Governors.

Our SEN policy is currently being reviewed by Governors.

The Parent Partnership Service is a specialised independent service that supports families with all areas of SEN, they can be contacted as follows:   

Freephone:    0800 158 3603 - mobile users may be charged 
Direct lines:   01452 389345 / 389344

Who can you contact for more information?

Your child’s tutor who will liaise with our Senco, Rhian Williams

Please contact us at

Special Needs Facilities

The Academy has been designed and built to have provision and accessibility for students with disabilities so that they may be integrated fully into Academy life.  We have access toilets, and lifts to all upper floors. Desks are available in all departments which can be lowered/highered to suit wheelchairs.The whole site is accessible by students with wheelchairs.The curriculum has been designed so that it may be delivered to provide flexible and equal access to all students whether able or disabled as far as is practicable within a mainstream educational establishment.

For further information please download our policies below:

In light of the new code of practice we are currently in the process of reviewing our SEND Policy with parents and other stake holders.

Disability Equality Policy Sept 2012.pdf

For further information on our disability access plan please click here