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How do we assess and evaluate the provision we have arranged for your child?

Once a potential SEN has been identified we begin an on-going cycle of Assessing, Planning, Doing and Reviewing.

We use baseline data, together with any specialised assessments to identify student strengths and areas of weaknesses.  The assessments are then used as the basis for setting clear goals, for example improving student ability phonetic skills or improving their auditory memory.  Through our PLP process, students together with Academy staff, parents/carer appropriate strategies and interventions are identified.  The responsibilities of the student, parents/carers and the school will be discussed and shared.

At times, it will be necessary to use the advice of specialist services or external agencies during this process.

After a specified period of time, usually within a 6-10 week period, we review the progress made towards meeting the student outcome, reassessing at appropriate periods and using new data and information to continue the cycle of assess, plan, do and review.