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How do we prepare our school to welcome and support SEN pupils/students and how do we arrange and support a transfer to another school/educational establishment?

All pupils joining Millbrook Academy will be screened for special educational needs. Data and information from the child’s primary schools and any previous secondary school will also be considered. Students with an identified special educational need will be placed on the school’s Code of Practice.

The Academy will liaise closely with primary schools to identify the special needs of incoming pupils at an early stage, including attendance at Year 5 and Year 6 review meetings, where appropriate.  For some students, the transition to secondary school is very difficult.  We offer additional transition mornings and visits to the schools as deemed appropriate on an individual basis.  During the Summer holiday prior to joining Millbrook Academy, several students are invited to join our Summer School which aims to support student literacy and numeracy schools as well as helping our more vulnerable students to overcome their anxieties over their transition.

How do we prepare our pupils/ students for adult life?

Some students will also require additional support to experience a successful transition to post-16 education or employment.  Our learning support team works collaboratively with our Careers, Information and Guidance coordinator, Gloucester College and other post 16 providers to ensure a personalised programme preparing our young people for adult life.  All students have the opportunity to attend a work experience placement during year 10.  For a few students, additional training is required such as supporting independent travel or developing literacy for adult hood is required.  For a very few number of students, we support the development of such skills as part of their KS4 pathway.

Students who are identified as requiring additional support at College are interviewed by a specialist member of the Youth Support Team who writes individual transition plans to support the young person and the college to ensure a successful transition.  All students with a statement or a EHC plan are supported by a transition plan and a YST 

What special arrangements are made for exams?

We assess all year 10 and year 12 students to identify any special access requirements.  Our Senco is fully qualified to assess all special exam arrangements including the use of assistive technology for readers and the use of word processors.

What resources and equipment do we provide for children with SEN?

We make our best endeavours to provide the most appropriate resource and equipment identified to ensure student progress.  For example students with diagnosed dyspraxia are able to use word processors across the curriculum, all students are able to use the on-line independent research tool Read Write Gold to access the curriculum independently.

For LAC students we work in partnership with the virtual school and social care through the ePEP process to allocate their funding available to best meet the needs of students, this may be in the form of personal tuition, support for educational trips and visit or through assistive technology.

What arrangements are in place with other schools/educational providers when our SEN pupils/students transfer?

For students who transfer in year, we ensure the same procedures as with any transition are followed.  We meet with parents and students to ask for their concerns and their views on the support required to meet the needs of their child.  We use prior SEN information available from their previous school/s to ensure we are able to meet their needs effectively.

How accessible is our school to pupils/students with SEN?

We are a fully inclusive school who makes our best endeavours to accommodate those students with disabilities and specific needs.