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Which other services do we use to provide for and support our pupils/students?

When high quality teaching, with differentiated planning does not result in students making expected progress we will actively refer students to external agencies for specialised support and assessments including:

  • School Nurse Service
  • Children and young people’s services (CYPS)
  • Advisory Teaching team
  • Teachers for hearing and visual impairment
  • ASD advisory teachers
  • Behaviour support services, including the PRS and GAP
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Social Services
  • Youth Support Team

How do we support families of these pupils/students?

We endeavour to work at all times in partnership with the families or all our students, including those with SEN.  We are happy to meet with student parent/carers to discuss any concerns they might have about their child’s progress.

At times it may be necessary to refer our students to external agencies for additional support and specialist guidance.  At such times, we work in partnership with our parent/carers explaining the process and where necessary referring them to additional agencies that are able to provide support for the whole family including:

  • Children and Young People Service
  • Families’ First
  • Targeted family services
  • Winston’s Wish
  • Young carers
  • Social services
  • Youth support team
  • Respite services including Chicks