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Are you a Pink?

posted 27 Jan 2015, 03:56 by

Gloucestershire University students visit Millbrook Academy

This month, we were lucky enough to host a group of final year Performing Arts students who brought their original show “Square Peg” into the academy and performed for the whole of Year 7.

The performance is about a group of people – “The Pinks” who are all the same, and value sameness and conformity above everything else. The older Pinks remember the “dark days”, when people were allowed to have their own thoughts and opinions, with horror. However, when one young Pink questions the Pinks’ way of life, things begin to change.

The show helped our Year 7s to think about how important it is to be yourself and to value everyone’s ideas and opinions. It was very enjoyable – we particularly liked the character “Podd” who dared to be different, and the way that the performers included the audience in the show. Year 7s have been doing some work in their Performing Arts lessons to continue to explore the ideas in “Square Peg” and we are very grateful that the talented students from the university brought their fabulous show to us.