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Carnegie shortlist: the inside track

posted 30 Jul 2013, 05:19 by Google Google   [ updated 30 Jul 2013, 05:19 ]
Millbrook Academy book club, a.k.a. Carnegie club, is an educational get-together in which students read books of all genres and then write reviews to post online for others to read. Carnegie club meetings are held every Wednesday afternoon where we share our opinions and views on the book we have chosen to read.

We have a range of genres and styles of books that appeal to different types of readers and audiences. As we swap books, we get to discover our specific interests and likes and dislikes of the book world, as well as developing our writing and readings skills. Some of the different books include ‘My Name is Mina’,‘My sister lives on the Mantelpiece’   and ‘A Monster Calls’.

As Carnegie club members ourselves, we think that reading is a great way to exercise your mind and give you an intellectual thrill. Also, the whole reading experience opens up a lot of new subject areas and sheds light on things you may not have understood before-hand. It’s a very fulfilling hobby combined with a superb learning adventure that keeps us entertained. We asked fellow book club members Jodie Minchin and Zoe Rogers questions surrounding the Carnegie club and here are their answers.

What is your book about?

Jodie said, “‘My Name is Mina’ is written in the style of a journal and is about a young girl whose life is unfolded on notebook pages.”

Zoe said, “’My Sister lives on the Mantelpiece’ is set on the anniversary of 9/11 where a girl gets blown up when she walks passed a bin in a park in London. After this terrible incident, her dad, younger brother and twin sister move to the countryside to start a new life. The whole book is about a tragic accident that separates a family with an unexpected event.”

What do you enjoy most about reading?


Jodie said, “What I enjoy most about reading is every time you turn over a page of a book, you uncover more and more of a brand new world.”


Zoe said, “The thing I enjoy most about reading is the story and all the fun, creative things inside a fictional mystery.”

How would you describe book club?

Jodie said, “Book club is a fantastic activity that many people can enjoy andit also helps you improving your analytical and creative writing skills.”


Written by Holly Harvey and CarleyCoopey (both Carnegie club members)