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posted 10 Jul 2014, 04:46 by

We have been using epraise at Millbrook Academy for the last couple of terms. Both staff and students love the system. Staff have embraced the epraise system as it involves much less work and has provided them with an easy route through to reward the good behaviour and excellent work students are producing at the Academy. The students are thoroughly enjoying being able to spend their points on a multitude of different items, from footballs, shopping vouchers, non uniform days to take away lunches! The rewards system is designed to motivate the students by recognising the great things that they do. Students are awarded praise points online, making things a lot quicker and easier than the traditional paper based school reward scheme. The features that also come with the system are also great. Leaderboards, certificates, the shop and milestones help make motivating the students easy.

Principal Mrs Scott said;

What a response! The students are loving the new system and the fact they can 'buy' their rewards. Well done to all staff for 'catching them doing it right' and using praise as an effective teaching tool.