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Making Movie Magic

posted 13 Feb 2015, 00:45 by   [ updated 13 Feb 2015, 01:00 ]
Over this past term, Year 7 students have been studying Media with a particular focus on Superheroes. Not only have they had the opportunity to create their own posters for their favourite films, but they developed their speaking and listening skills by producing their own movie trailers. Initially groups were asked to storyboard their film before they were given the ipads to venture around the school taking photos and videos to embed into imovie. Lucy Mcnab thought, that by using the templates within the app, the trailers looked ‘realistic and built suspense – particularly the horror ones.’ Whilst both Andrew Dickson and Max Stevens both ‘loved the fact they got to use this technology’ and ‘loved the freedom and independence with the project.’ The use of ipads, across the school, is becoming more embedded into a variety of subjects and Liam Glass thinks that they ‘help him to complete his own research.’ For English, the trailers demonstrate just how talented and creative the students are at Millbrook Academy.

Ellen V, Rhiannon and Matt T


Mitch, Theo, Corben and Max