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Martial Arts Champions Win Gold

posted 29 Apr 2014, 05:40 by Google Google   [ updated 29 Apr 2014, 05:41 ]
Mankind has been practising martial arts for over 5000 years and, arguably, it is more popular in the 21st century that ever before. From Glima, a combat technique which involves the wearing of special belts to aid grip, to Shuai-chiao, which is the oldest style of Kung Fu recorded, Martial Arts are so varied in their styles that almost anyone could find a style they’d enjoy or excel in.

For Celso Botas, a Year 9 student at Millbrook Academy, Martial Arts has become a central part of his life as not only does he revel in its variety but he is clearly extremely talented in specific aspects of the sport. Coming across as very modest and unassuming, Celso is not one to talk openly about his fantastic achievements so we thought it was important to not only celebrate them but use them to inspire others in the following interview:

When were you first introduced to the sport?

‘I started Martial Arts back in Portugal when I was 3 years old. I always wanted to do it. At that time I was learning Yoseikan Budo. At the age of 5 I had my first tournament (just a few months before moving to England) and I came 2nd place.’

When you moved to England, did you decide to continue?

Yes. It took a while until I found a new school to start it up again. Then I found Mr Paradine and I started Kickboxing. After some time, I decided to try Taekwondo again under Mr Paradine and I have been doing Kicking Boxing and Taekwondo ever since.

During your time practising the sport, have you ever participated in any competitions?

Since 2012 until now I have participated in 14 tournaments, always with good results (12 golds and 2 bronzes). But the two biggest ones were THE SWORD OF FRIENDSHIP (5 Nations tournament) in November 2013, where I was part of the England team and we won! Then on the 9th March 2014, I participated in the P.U.M.A. (Professional Unification of Martial Arts) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS as an individual, representing my club MPMA alongside 4 other competitors. Out of the 5 fighters that Mr Paradine took to the P.U.M.A. Worlds, we got 3 gold and 1 bronze!  

Lastly, why do you like Martial Arts?

I like Martial Arts because it keeps you fit, you can defend yourself and you can do tournaments and win medals.