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MBA Houses

posted 14 Jul 2015, 07:47 by

The house system has been a fundamental part to the running of activities week, and in some subjects the best means of competition. As an Academy we are now in a position to have 4 tutor groups per year (apart from the new year 8, which has 5), which leads us to introducing a 4th house to compete alongside our current houses. We would like to introduce you to Murray-Whitehead, a combination of Andy Murray, an Olympian and Richard Whitehead, a Paralympian.

With this introduction it has become apparent that a change needs to occur to move some students into this new house. We have not done this in any way to reduce the participation or move certain individuals, it has merely been due to accommodation and having to fill the 4th house.

You should now see an increase in the number of house activities your son/daughter can participate in across the Academy and begin to have a greater sense of achievement and self worth to gain more house points for their team.

If you are worried or concerned about this change, please contact Mrs Cuke or your son/daughter's tutor, however we hope that you can see that this is another positive step we have made to your son/daughter's time at Millbrook Academy.'