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Millbrook Academy Hosts the Stay Safe, Stay Alive Road Show

posted 15 Sep 2015, 06:48 by   [ updated 15 Sep 2015, 06:55 ]
Millbrook Academy were lucky enough to have a visit from the Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, Constabulary and Air Ambulance who came in to present a Road Safety session in the form of a theatre production called Safe Drive Stay Alive. The production, designed to deliver essential road safety education to young people, was a wonderful opportunity for the 6th form students.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive is a road show based around powerful personal testimony designed to make the audience aware of the nature and extent of personal tragedy and suffering a Road Traffic Collision can and does cause.  A story of a road traffic collision links the onstage testimonies which come from serving members of all 3 emergency services, parents of young people who have lost their lives in a road traffic collision, and those left disabled by the actions of young drivers. It leaves those attending aware of their personal vulnerability and accountability as new drivers and is designed to impact in a positive way upon their attitude towards the concept of driving.

The Academy were also very pleased to welcome to the Academy Police Commissioner Martin Surl who came to watch the performance as Millbrook Academy was the only school in the county to host this event.

The students found the performance a very powerful, emotive way to get the important safety message across to the young people in the Academy.

Year 13 Student, Kirsten Cole, said. "It was heart-breaking. The Mothers that stood up and told the story of how they lost their sons were so brave.  It has definitely changed the way I think about getting in a car as a passenger and how I will drive when I pass my test."

David Smith, Head of 6th Form said. “It is a very emotional and effective way to deliver this message. Even though not all of our students will be drivers in the next few years, they will all be passengers and they have to make the right choices as a passenger. I would like to thank Louise White, the Safe and Social Driving Coordinator, for helping arrange the visit and Commissioner Martin Surl for joining us to watch performance.”