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Motorcross Champion in the Making

posted 30 Jul 2013, 08:07 by Google Google
Aaron Colley of year 7 is really making impressive tracks in the sport of Motorcross, a high speed adrenaline filled discipline not for the feint hearted.  

The photos below show Aaron competing at the 'Weston Beach Race' in October last year. He came a creditable 5th in the 65cc group, doing extremely well, he was in 2nd place for much of the race, but his throttle got stuck and he had to go into the pitts to get it fixed. Consequently, to come back from that set back and get back up to 5th place was a really good achievement.

The race is 1.5hrs long and is a real test of endurance, the jumps are built up really high and the conditions on the day were pretty tough as it had been raining really heavily the day before. Since this race he has now moved up to the 85cc group and achieved his first ever first place at a motorcross meeting in Worcester this weekend. During half term he is competing in a race in Guernsey.