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Of Mice and Men Theatre Trip

posted 29 Feb 2016, 04:06 by
On Thursday 25 February, a group of 45 students visited the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham to watch a production of “Of Mice and Men” which was staged by the Touring Consortium Theatre Company. Many of the students who attended the trip have studied the novel from which the play was adapted, as part of GCSE English Literature, and so it was interesting to see the characters brought to life on stage. The majority of students on the trip also study Performing Arts and so were interested in the staging of the piece as well as the individual performances.

There were a range of responses from students, with positive reviews for the actors playing Lennie and George. The set was excellent, with some interesting scene changes. It was interesting to see an adaptation of a very familiar text, and to analyse the impact of Steinbeck’s additional dialogue.

The Touring Consortium is a theatre company with which Millbrook has a very strong relationship, which students appearing in two of their previous productions at The Everyman. We were invited to stay for a question and answer session at the end of the play, at which we were introduced as the Everyman’s “favourite school”! Our Performing Arts students asked a variety of questions, from how the actors research their roles, to how they tackle the important matter of speaking with convincingly authentic accents (it was a surprise to discover that the actor playing Lennie is actually Welsh) to what happens if the dog doesn’t behave himself on stage! At the end of the session, Dudley Sutton, the actor who played the role of Candy, turned the question back on the students and asked how they felt about the fact that “Of Mice and Men” has been removed from the English curriculum.

As always, the theatre was very welcoming and it was an enjoyable evening.