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Our very own writer in residence: Cliff Yates

posted 30 Jul 2013, 03:03 by Google Google   [ updated 30 Jul 2013, 03:03 ]
Millbrook Academy was lucky enough to have Cliff Yates, the famous British poet, visit our school for four days as part of the G15 project. Cliff worked with small groups of Gifted and Talented students from Yr7-10 where students analysed specific poems selected for them and wrote their own.

It was a real honour for the students to work with Cliff as he is incredibly experienced as a teacher and a poet, has a doctorate in Poetry and Poetics, and has had many of his works published. Not only did these series of workshops inspire students to write their own poetry, it will also help them greatly in their studies at KS3 and KS4.

We would like to thank Cliff for taking the time to inspire out students.