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Performing Arts Gifted and Talented Project

posted 5 Aug 2013, 00:52 by Google Google   [ updated 5 Aug 2013, 00:53 ]
This term, sixteen Year 8 students who are talented in Performing Arts have been working on a project with the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham and the National Star College. Millbrook students have been working with twelve Star College students, many of whom have serious disabilities, to put together a performance for the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, which takes place in May.

Our first session took place at Millbrook, where the Year 8 students worked with Louise Partridge, Head of Education at the Everyman, learning about a variety of ways to communicate through drama. All further workshops have taken place at the Star College, in their theatre, where all of the students have worked together, along with theatre practitioners and staff from the Star College. The students have been exploring the theme “Shadows in the Night”, using techniques such as sound collages and shadow puppets, as well as poems to create their performance. For the Millbrook students, this has been a unique opportunity to work with students with additional needs, and they have become very confident working with students who use wheelchairs, and who have to communicate in a variety of different ways. The Millbrook students have been praised for their sensitivity and maturity, their patience and creativity, and we are all looking forward to continuing with the project after the Easter break.

The final piece will be entered into the Cheltenham Festival in the Themed Performance class, and the group will perform at Cheltenham Town Hall in May.

Well done to all students involved!