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Primary Liaison

posted 14 Jul 2014, 01:01 by   [ updated 14 Jul 2014, 01:34 ]
As part of Millbrook Academy’s Arts week, 2 local primary schools came over to join the art department and do some T-shirt printing with 4 of our year 7s – Isabella Weatherall, Isabelle Wood, Rebekah Yearsley and Alix Wood. On Wednesday 9th July, years 5 & 6 from Coopers Edge Primary school were the first to take part in the workshops and year 5 from Brockworth Primary Academy joined us on Thursday 10th July. The first hour was spent doing some artist research, looking at different styles and types of art. The children had to choose a favourite artist and re-create a tree using their style and techniques.

After this, the children began creating 2 different designs for their T-shirts. They were able to choose any style they liked and could be as creative as they wanted to be. We had several different ideas from Minecraft to Minions! Once they had completed their designs, they had to the draw out their final piece. Children used a range of materials, such as pencil crayons, felt tip pens, oil pastels and even digital media! During lunch, Mrs Lane and our year 7s scanned all the images on the computer so that they were ready to print on to the special transfer paper. After they were transferred onto the special paper, they were then ready to be transferred on to the T-shirts – a very HOT job! The T-shirt press reaches 180 degrees, and produces an excellent finished result. The children had a lovely day and our year 7s were very helpful throughout the whole two days.