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Song Writing Project Celebration

posted 29 Feb 2016, 03:56 by   [ updated 29 Feb 2016, 04:00 ]
Friday 12 February was a superb day at Millbrook.  In the afternoon we saw the premiere of the song written and produced by a group of Year 8 and 9 students. Having written and rehearsed it, the video and sound recording was carried out at Postlip Hall in Winchcombe.  A large audience of parents, friend and family, The Rotary Club and the local Parish Council were visibly moved as they watched the film. The song was incredible and showcased some excellent future talent. 


The point of the project was to build a successful song, and to enhance our team building skills.

Before the first lesson, I felt quite insecure and shy but when we did the first lesson, I felt like this is going to make me feel more confident, it’s going to help. I didn’t think I will ever be able to be like how I was before. I’m so grateful for all the support we had. Thank you Ben, Mrs Cameron and all the students involved.


When I started the songwriting project, I was nervous and I didn’t have the courage to believe in myself or my voice. My confidence was low, but I took on the challenge and gave it my all. Our first lesson was tough. We all had to learn to work as a group. At the start this was hard because everyone was chatty, but then a miracle came along. This miracle was called BEN! In the first lesson we were told to try to make some lyrics up to make up our own song. Ben worked with us and developed our ideas into an amazing song.

During the project, I definitely noticed that the song was coming together. But even though we chatted a lot, and I mean a lot, Ben stayed with us every step of the way. As we developed and learnt our song I started to build my confidence. I feel that I could express myself through the music. I am very thankful for Ben’s trust in us. I think that everyone will agree with me when I say that without Ben we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to even get this far and learn our hidden skills.

Thank you Ben and Mrs Cameron for making this opportunity possible.


Before the songwriting project I was excited and I couldn’t wait to start. The first lesson it  was a bit boring because we started writing lyrics, but at the end it was really fun. This was an incredible project. When we started talking with each other at the start we started to bond. Ben (our musical producer and lyricist) started talking about all these three part harmonies and confusing and big words. Without Ben’s and our enthusiasm we wouldn’t have created such a meaningful song. Thank you so much Ben and Mrs Cameron for making this possible.

Poppy & Marcia:

The more lessons we did the more confident we got. In my opinion the song got stronger and more powerful every time we sang together. It also got more fun. We also learnt more about the music business and also about the musical techniques needed to make the song sound professional.


The day of the music video, I was quite nervous because I’ve never been given this opportunity before but as I got to Postlip Hall I was really excited and had a lot of positivity running through my mind! The day of the video was amazing but we were mostly tired as we had to keep up the energy for both filming the video and singing passionately all day. At the end of the project,  I feel way more confident than I did at the beginning and now because of my confidence I don’t worry about people judging me because I know I can do this!


After the first lesson I was worried I wouldn’t fit in, but was excited for the future. I was nervous and shy and thought I was a terrible singer compared to my friends. After a while we started to feel like a family and I became more confident in myself.


During the project I learnt that not all singing/music are about being the loudest and the best singer. Most school children will never be given such an impressive socially rewarding experience like this. Ben was our mentor throughout and without him we wouldn’t have been able to come close to what we accomplished.


An incredible experience. During the project we project we used our talent and creativity to produce something amazing. However the project still needed for us to use the teamwork and for us to create chemistry with each other and Ben. It truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ben and all contributors to the vocal project.

As we made progress, I started to feel better and better about the project and I believe we spread a message through this song that words cannot.

Many were nervous before the solo recording, including myself. However, as anxious as some of us were, we absolutely nailed it and it went smoothly and swiftly. The amazing people I worked with have  motivated me to join in with more vocal projects like this. This was so amazing. I loved it.


We ended the recording session with a Q&A. The main question was “why sing?”

For example Gracie thinks singing is therapeutic. In Poppy’s opinion singing can make us more confident in other areas of our lives. I personally think it can help us learn about ourselves.

I think everyone will agree with me that this project helped all of us with becoming more confident. All of this wouldn’t have happened without the help of Ben who helped us through every step and never gave up on us.