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Students work together to address online safety

posted 27 Jan 2015, 03:34 by Kate Hunt

Year 7s and Year 11s working together in Performing Arts

This week, Year 11 Performing Arts students have been working with Year 7 students to help raise awareness of online safety.

The Year 11 GCSE students were tasked with creating a piece of drama which would help younger students to think about an important issue. The group chose to develop a piece about the potential dangers of making contact with strangers online. They did this by creating a piece of drama using a technique called Forum Theatre, where the audience are asked to freeze the action and help the characters to make better choices. 7X4 were a fabulous audience, and both groups worked brilliantly together.

After the performance, the Year 11 students led a range of workshop activities with the Year 7 students, ranging from discussion about the use of social media, to creating video messages for Year 6 students which were recorded on an iPad.

The Year 7 students all felt that the performance had made them think again about this important issue, and that it was useful to be reminded of the importance of staying safe online and the Year 11 students were very grateful for the enthusiastic response to their work, which makes up their final piece of assessed coursework for their GCSE in Performing Arts. It was lovely to see the two year groups working so well together, with the older students facilitating engaging learning for the Key Stage 3 students. Well done to all involved.