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Talented Student has Poem Published

posted 14 Oct 2014, 06:39 by
Talented student Destiny Summer recently submitted a poem for the latest Young Writers' Teen Poets competition. Students were invited to submit a poem for publication in one of the anthologies representing the best of young authors' work. Destiny's poem Sermon was selected for publication in the latest anthology Fountain of Ink - A Collection Of Teen Poetry.

Congratulations to Summer on her achievement.


You show up on a Sunday to cover your back,
Dressed in your best as you reflect.
I don't believe your heart is in it,
It's only insurance to you, you self righteous hypocrite.

You live as a Christian only one day in seven,
You believe that's enough to get you to Heaven,
You think that you have got it made,
Because you dropped an extra quid in the offering tray.

I don't see visions in the bark of a tree.
Mildew stains turning into Mother Mary.
You say I don't see because I don't believe,
I say you see because you are lost and need to see.

Organised religion was created to control,
Only a political business, not here to save your soul,
I believe someone should follow the goodness in their heart,
The world is messed up and we all play out parts.

Many men have murdered claiming it was God's will,
But wasn't it God that gave the law 'Thou shalt not kill,'
Those who do the slaughter sacrifice their honour for pride,
This is the reason that in His name so many have died.

While the person who lives his life just like he should,
Does nobody harm and all of his works are good,
He will suffer and burn in Hell for all eternity,
All because he does not believe in Christianity.

Nature is full of God and His complexities.
The rain falls on the good, the evil, you and me.
The golden rule is the only way to be,
I will treat you the way I want you to treat me.

Follow that one rule and no commandments would be broken,
There would be peace on Earth, no lies would ever be spoken,
But this is a dream that will never ever be,
For we are only humans and our hearts are overflowed with lust and greed.

We all do what we must do each day to get us through.
Every morning they say today they will follow that golden rule,
Well that is my philosophy and my point of view,
And in the end we will all be revealed the truth.

Destiny Summer (13)