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Year 9 Visit the Imperial War Museum

posted 8 Mar 2016, 06:32 by

On Monday 7 March, a group of year 9 students visited the London Imperial War Museum to develop a deeper understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war.

Students enjoyed the interactive First World War Galleries, developing a greater understanding of why war started, why it continued, how the Allies won and its impact on people's lives across the globe. They were able to walk through a recreated trench with a Sopwith Camel plane swooping low overhead as a Mark V Tank loomed above them.

They also visited the Holocaust Exhibition, this award-winning exhibition traces the Nazi persecution and murder of Europe’s Jews from 1933 to 1945. Students were able to learn how the political climate enabled Hitler to rise to power and how his ideas spread throughout the country, ultimately affecting people all around the world. Photographs, diaries, toys and film tell the stories of the people who lived through the Holocaust. Testimonies from survivors bring a poignant perspective to these objects while a model of Auschwitz-Birkenau demonstrates the extent of events that occurred. Students were very moved by this exhibition and asked insightful questions.

In the afternoon students took part in the Holocaust: Personal Stories workshop. Students used a range of material from IWM's collections, they lead their own enquiry into the lives of people affected by the Holocaust and the Second World War. Students showed their impressive communications skills and developed understanding by presenting their findings to the rest of the class.