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Student Council Newsletter

As representatives of other students, the council was founded in order to contribute positively to the development of the Academy. It is made up of students from every year group across the school so all demographics can be represented equally and fairly. Through both formal debate and informal discussion, the council meet every other week to discuss issues that are important to the students, such as accessibility to extra-curricular activities and the development of new and exciting resources.

A good council benefits the whole academy. It gives opportunities for students to communicate their feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff, as well as influencing decisions that are made.

If you have an idea or something you wish to pass to the council, one of our friendly members will be more than happy to listen and take it up with the council for discussion.

Student Council Newsletter November 2014

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The 2nd edition of the Student Council Newsletter is now available to download. Please take a look and see what the students have been discussing and reviewing this edition.

April 2014 Newsletter

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Please click here to download the 1st Edition of the Student Council Newsletter.

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