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Bus Transport

Stagecoach will be the Academy bus transport provider from September 2014. The 804 school bus will continue to run but students will be able to purchase tickets directly on the bus. They will also be able to purchase MegaRider tickets that can be used on other Stagecoach routes. A weekly ticket will cost £13.00*

Please click here to download the bus route for September 2014 Term 1


Q       Where do I purchase tickets?

A       Tickets can be purchased on the bus

Q       How much will tickets cost?

A       Child singles will be priced at £2, no returns, Dayrider £3.50, Gloucester Megarider £13 for week (longer period tickets are available, as well)

Q       If my child purchases a weekly pass for the school bus can they use the ticket on other Stagecoach services?

A       Yes, Stagecoach have agreed that students can use the tickets on other Gloucester Stagecoach services. Please see for the routes.

Q       Can my child use the weekly pass at the weekend on other routes?

A       Yes, Stagecoach have agreed that if a child purchases a weekly pass it will be valid for 7 days on other routes.

Q       Are members of the public allowed to use the bus?

A       The bus is for Millbrook Academy students only.

Q       My child only catches the bus to (or from) school as they use alternative travel for the other journey, can they purchase a weekly one way pass?

A       Yes

Q       Will the bus run in the school holidays?

A       No, the school bus will only run during term time.

* subject to confirmation