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Year 7 Induction

The transition from primary to secondary school can be a very daunting experience. Many students have come from small primary schools where the teachers know every pupil. Aside from the sheer increase in school size, there comes the frequent movement between classes, complicated school maps and the large quantity of teachers to see over the fortnightly timetable. On top of all this, there are the new pupil dynamics and the delicate forming of relationships with their peers. Millbrook Academy wants to aid this whole transition period by holding an Induction Day where students can come and spend a day at Millbrook. This taster day gives the students an insight into what school will be like for them in September, an idea of the subjects they will learn, a chance to look around the school and also to meet other students and to build friendships.

Important Dates

Tours available by calling 01452 863372

A Welcome Pack will be delivered to your child's school or sent home over the next couple of months. The information packs will contain lots of important information for both yourself and your child, such as:

If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals they will be eligible for the uniform grant. Applications can be downloaded here.