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At our Academy we promote good attendance to enable pupils to take full advantage of the educational opportunities we offer. Our staff monitor attendance and punctuality regularly and work closely with families to support good attendance.  School starts at 8:40am and ends at 3:00pm.

Students MUST be in school if they are to make the most of their skills and talents and if they are to take advantage of the many opportunities available in school

What to do if your child is absent from the academy

We expect all students to have 100% attendance. If a child is ill, or has to miss school, parents should contact our Attendance Officer, on the first and all subsequent days of absence, on 01452 865027 leaving your child’s name, class and reason for absence. This needs to be done every day by 9:00 am otherwise you will be contacted by our automated system.

Leave of Absence during Term Time

Parents are requested not to take their children on holiday during term time and holidays taken during term time are classed as unauthorised unless prior authorisation has been granted by the Principal.

Attendance: Every Day Counts

Here at Millbrook Academy our aim is to ensure that every pupil achieves their best and beyond. Every day counts and as such good attendance is vital.

190 days in each academic year

190 days spent at Millbrook Academy improving Education and Life chances

175 Non-School days in a year

175 days to spend on:

Family time, visits, holidays, shopping, celebrating birthdays and household jobs

Millbrook Academy Attendance Target is 95%

Millbrook Academy work vigilantly to support parents and pupils to maintain a good level of attendance.

Attendance is monitored on a daily basis by The Assistant Progress Leaders and Attendance Officer. We are launching our STEP system to manage and improve individual pupils attendance.                                    

Millbrook Academy works closely with the Gloucestershire Educational Entitlement and Inclusion to address non-attendance. This includes taking appropriate legal action and issuing Penalty Notices for unauthorised absences.

Staged Intervention to Improve School Attendance

Tina Middleton is the Attendance Officer and has the responsibility to monitor all pupils’ attendance and punctuality. Millbrook Academy has an attendance target of 96%. Any pupil with under 96% attendance or irregular patterns of attendance will be supported through the following intervention.

Step 1

Criteria: Any student with under 96% attendance or irregular patterns of attendance

Lead member of staff: Tutor

Action: The tutor contacts the Parent/Carer at home and meets with the pupil in the Academy to discuss any concerns they have around attendance or punctuality and offers support with catching up and settling back in.

Step 2

Criteria: No improvement during step 1 and/or under 93% attendance.

Lead member of staff: Head of Year and Tina Middleton

Action: The APL contacts the Parent/Carer at home to discuss the attendance concern and speaks with the pupil about any concerns in the Academy. The APL can place them on attendance report. At this stage the use of an Attendance Improvement plan by Tina Middleton, may be considered for unauthorised absences.  This may result in a fine.  If parents are not engaging with school, a home visit may take place.

Step 3

Criteria: No improvement during stage 2 and/or under 90% attendance.

Lead member of staff: Tina Middleton

Action: Tina Middleton will arrange to see the parents/carers.  This may be through a meeting in the school or a visit to their home to discuss the attendance and agree an attendance plan. Student Services will provide 1-2-1 and group support to the pupil in school and set individual targets with them. At this stage absences cannot be authorised by the school without some form of verification.

Step 4

Criteria:  No improvement during stage 3; agreed targets not met; non-engagement and/or under 85% attendance 

Lead member of staff: Tina Middleton

Action: Parents/carers will be invited to a formal attendance meeting held in school with Tina Middleton to put together a Parenting Contract for Attendance Plan.  It is likely that the relevant APL and/or member of SLT will be in attendance.  Further meetings will be held to review the plan and legal action may be taken if targets are not met and there are unauthorised absences.  


All pupils’ attendance will be reviewed on a termly basis and a decision will be made about further action.  Parents will receive a letter at the beginning of each term informing them of what decision has been made.  

If attendance improves and is sustained over one whole term they will move down to the previous step or be removed from the step intervention if appropriate.

If your child is off sick please phone into school to let Tina know.  

Please arrange where possible dental/doctors/optician appointments outside of school time.  If this becomes impossible It is important that students are in school for registration time in the morning, P1 and P5.  This is when attendance marks are taken.

Please contact Tina Middleton on (01452) 865027 if you have any concerns over your child’s attendance or would like to discuss any of the above.  

Students on Roll and Absence up to Term 1 2015/2016

Group DescriptionStudentsOverall Attendance %
Year 79596.5
Year 812995.9
Year 911094.3
Year 106694.3
Year 117795.6
Year 1233 
Year 1332 
Total Students544 95.4 (7-11)

Last year’s (2014/2015) school attendance 

Group DescriptionOverall AttendanceOverall Authorised Absence %Overall Unauthorised Absence %
Year 7 -10
Terms 1-6
Year 11
Terms 1-5