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Expectations of Students

'Every teacher has the right to teach and every student has the right to learn'.

To ensure the above happens and that the learning environment provided for our students has clear expectations and boundaries, enabling all students to be successful, Millbrook Academy provides a Behaviour for Learning booklet to all students. This can be downloaded by clicking on the button below:

Millbrook Academy is obliged to:

  • Provide high quality education appropriate to all students.
  • Provide equal opportunities for all children.
  • Ensure the health and safety of all students.
  • Recognise and celebrate achievement for all.
  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance or punctuality.
  • Involve parents if there are concerns about work or behaviour.
  • Supply parents with information through grade reviews, reports, consultation evenings and newsletters.
  • Set, mark and monitor homework.
  • Ensure that students comply with the academy's expectations and policies.
  • Encourage students to try hard and be the best they can be.

Students are obliged to:

  • Attend academy regularly, punctually and properly prepared.
  • Comply with all academy procedures, including wearing the correct academy uniform.
  • Respect the academy's environment and property, and the property of others.
  • Behave in an orderly, considerate and purposeful way at all times.
  • Comply with the 12 student and 12 classroom expectations at all times.
  • Use the student planner to record achievements, improve the quality of my work, set and review targets, record parental communications and homework/coursework.
  • Complete all classwork, homework and coursework to the best of my ability.
  • Contribute fully to life of the academy - in class and extra, especially college life.
  • Value the academy's citizenship programme including tutorial and college activities.
  • Share any concerns I might have with my parents/carers and/or my tutor.
  • Act in an 'enterprising' way by finding solutions to problems.
  • Use all facilities responsibly.