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Key Stage 4 Curriculum Pathways

At Millbrook Academy the curriculum in Years 10 and 11 provides students with a broad educational experience upon which to base future decisions. 

We personalise the curriculum to meet the needs of all students as far as possible. In response to the Government agenda GCSE and BTEC courses have changed. Most courses are linear with a final examination at the end of Year 11. English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Ethics and Philosophy form our core curriculum and all students must take these subjects. We are committed to supporting each and every student so that they are able to achieve to the best of their ability in terms of formal examination success and developing skills for life. 

This is a vital stage in the education and training journey and the three way partnership - Home / Academy / Student could not be more important. We urge students to talk to staff and listen to advice given. Where appropriate students are encouraged to take the English Baccalaureate.

General Information

Coursework and Controlled Assessment

In most subjects students are required to produce assignments of work at various times during Key Stage 4. This work often counts towards their final grade. It is essential that all students keep up with their coursework assignments and meet the deadlines set. If students do not hand in adequate coursework on time this will affect their final grade. It is essential that students are organised and attend every lesson and catch up on work missed through advice. In some subjects students will be required to complete a controlled assessment. Controlled assessment is used for aspects of a subject that can’t be readily assessed through external examination, such as research, carrying out tasks, and performance and production skills.


We strongly urge all parents/carers to ensure that students do not miss school for avoidable reasons such as holidays. There is strong evidence that poor attendance contributes to poor results.

Homework in Key Stage 4
  • Students should spend an hour per subject per week on independent homework. 
  • All work set is essential and needs to be completed by the date set by the teacher. 
  • It is important that all homework deadlines are met. 
  • Students should always record homework in their planners. 
  • If there are any problems with meeting deadlines, students must talk to their subject teachers straight away. 
  • In addition, students will need to build in revision time in preparations for exams. 
  • Check the MBA website and access the Frog Student link as appropriate. 

Examination Entries

Entries will be confirmed in the spring of Year 11. In extreme cases students may not be entered for examinations if they have failed to meet the examination or coursework requirements. The Academy expectation is that all Year 11 students will sit their exams and achieve GCSE grades. In February of Year 11, for some GCSE subjects, subject teachers will have to decide whether to enter each student for Foundation Level (grades C-G) or Higher Level (grades A*-C). This decision is informed by ongoing assessment.

The Future - Sixth Form

We hope that most students will opt for further education courses after Year 11, either at Millbrook or at an alternative institution. We will provide quality and impartial advice about careers throughout Key Stage 4. The current entry requirement is 5 A*-C grades Including English and Maths.